Clients / Ministry of Defense
Skills Used / Ponte Galeria (Rome), Italy 2013
  • New construction

Integrated design

The project concerns the construction of a car park at ground level of about 4,800 square meters at Ponte Galeria (Rome), with capacity of 140 parking spaces.
The project area is situated on the slopes of a plateau and is characterized by a variable inclination, even higher than 40%. To minimize excavations and ground movements for achieving planarity, a three-dimensional modeling was elaborated to establish the median elevation that result in a substantial equivalence between the volume of ground excavation upstream and the fill downstream.
The containment of the parking floor is made through reinforced concrete walls arranged all along the perimeter of the lot, dimensioned to contrast the pressure of the ground.
The collection and treatment of rainwater is provided by a coalescing oil-water separator system for the separation of mineral hydrocarbons.