Clients / Ministry of Foreigh Affairs
Skills Used / Tokyo, Japan 1998-2005
  • New construction

Support to the Ministry throughout the contract and design stages; construction management committee

The project was called for by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to solve the structural problems (with special focus on anti-seismic systems) of the diplomatic HQ and Italian Culture Institute with project financing.
The Japanese architecture firm Kajima Corporation collaborated with architect Gae Aulenti on this project.
On request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our firm acted as the sole consultant of the Italian Embassy in Tokyo on technical matters (except for legal matters) throughout the entire project.
The intervention was carried out following the highest standards of anti-seismic safety and used state-of-the-art construction technologies and systems in order to ensure unparalleled performance and energy efficiency.
The diplomatic HQ covered an area of 19,914 sqm and a linear surface of 1,951 sqm; the Italian Culture Institute building covered an area of 2,568 sqm and a linear surface of 13,555 sqm.