Clients / Le Corti S.r.l.
Skills Used / Milan, Italy 2005-2007
  • Restoration
  • Renovation
  • Demolition
  • New construction

Restoration plan

The restoration plan (PDR1 of the project for the historic downtown) covers a strategic area in the historic downtown of Vimodrone (Milan).
The structure of the existing building, which stretches around two courtyards, dates back to the 17th century.
Our project preserved the original layout of the two courtyards and their function within the surroundings and included architectural and stylistic choices in line with the rest of the historic downtown area.
We specifically chose innovative architectural and systems solutions that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, and energy efficient.
The project covered 29 apartments, commercial spaces on the first floor and a subterranean parking garage for a total surface of 3,734 sqm (40,192 ft2) and total volume of 12,105 mc (15,833 yd3).