Clients / Vicus Mutronis S.r.l.
Skills Used / Milan, Italy 2008-2009
  • New construction
  • Landscape design

Integrated design, construction management and HSE coordination

The project covered the creation of a subterranean parking garage under a lot designated as a private garden, near the canal Alzaia Naviglio Martesana, in Vimodrone, close to the park Parco delle Cave (Milan).
The primary goal of the project was landscaping the area in order to create some viewpoints looking in on the green area from the street and looking out onto the street from the adjacent residential area. The viewpoints had to offer long distance views and close ups and they had to be planted with seasonal vegetation.
We chose local trees and bushes appropriate for the local climate: Liquidambar styraciflua, Tilia sp, and Carpinus sp. among others.