Clients / Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Skills Used / Teheran, Iran 2004-2007
  • Restoration
  • Renovation
  • Anti-seismic retrofit
  • Security systems
  • Interior design

Architectural design and HSE coordination (in association with Intertecno S.p.A, engineer Giorgio Croci, architect Luciano De Licio)

The Italian Embassy compound is situated in the center of Teheran, inside the ancient walls of the Safavid period (up to 17th century) and the Ghajar period (second half of the 19th century).
The lot covers an area of approximately 10,350 m2 (over 2 ac) and it includes very diverse buildings dating back to various time periods: the most ancient dates back to 1870, during the Ghajar dynasty.
The Italian Embassy purchased the compound in 1925 and started radical enlargement and renovation work in Neo-Palladian style under the management of the Russian architect Nicolay Markov.
Our project included a number of multidisciplinary interventions aimed at securing and retrofitting the compound. Our primary goal was to blend old and new, by restoring and emphasizing valuable elements of the original building that had been lost through the many alterations over time.