Clients / Agenzia del Demanio, Lombardy
Skills Used / Milan, Italy 2003-2005
  • Restoration
  • Maintenance
  • Retrofit and restoration of the attic


Integrated design, construction management, and HSE coordination

The project covered an 18th century building situated in the historic downtown area of Milan (Corso Monforte and via Conservatorio). The building was renovated in 1907 in liberty style by architect Campanini and was listed among the protected buildings by the local Historic Preservation Office.

We restored the interior and exterior finishing, we upagraded the building systems (piping, plumming, electrical), and the security systems, and we made the building accessible to the disabled while preserving the exisiting architecture. In addition, we found new ways of using the rooms and converted the attic into office space. Finally, we consolidated the vaulted ceilings in collaboration with the restorers who took care of the frescos under the supervision of the Historic Preservation Office.